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Password pwned: livetime update/support for onetime EUR 10.00

What you will get

This subscription is valid forever and allows you to:

  • access the download aera and get all software updates available
  • access the full documentation for the product
  • access our support forum and submit support requests


  • use the downloaded software forever
  • install the software on as many sites as you wish: one subscription - unlimited installations


Subscribe in three simple steps...

  • Step ONE: enter and submit your personal information
  • Step TWO: review your subscription and initiate payment (PayPal or Creditcard)
  • Step THREE: complete the payment through your selected payment method
Once your payment is processed (usually a few seconds) you will receive an email with all nessessary information on how to download the software and get support.

Note for EU companies: In order to validate your EU VAT ID, we compare your company's business name and full addressy with your data as it shows up for example in the EU VIES service. Only if this validation is (to a certain percentage) correct, we can accept your VAT ID.

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