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Password PWNED 1.0.6 stable released

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09 Mar 2018 14:47 #1 by Rüdiger Schultz
Password PWNED 1.0.6 stable released was created by Rüdiger Schultz
Dear Password-Pwned users,

we just made the next stable version of our JOOMLA! plugin available to you.

We fixed two issues in this version:

1) in Windows environments, if you come across the error message "SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate", you can now deactivate SSL Peer verification, until you can provide a valid file with the latest root certificates.

2) if a user requests a password reset, the plugin now also is checking the new password provided by the user.

Please visit our download area for getting this version or use the "check for updates" function within Joomla extension manager.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on this version, and of course, if you like the plugin, a (positive) review on the Joomla extension directory
Joomla Extension Directory

Kind regards
Ruediger Schultz

Ruediger Schultz
Schultz IT Solutions

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