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Have I been pwned? - Password checker for Joomla

brand new - just out now - we just released our latest Joomla plugin, which helps your users to avoid breached passwords!

With this plugin, you can notify your users if they (during registration or changing their password) intend to use a password that was previously compromised or "pwned" in a data breach. You can even define whether your website allows such passwords or rejects them. To provide this service the plugin refers to the "Have I been pwned?" API ( by Troy Hunt).

Try it out on our DEMO website

As with all our software, you can try out the plugin in a live demo environment. Just visit to see it...

Livetime subscription (support and updates) for a onetime fee of EUR 10,00

In order to advance overall internet security, we wanted to make this plugin as afordable as ever possible (short of making it free of course). So we settled for a onetime subscription fee of EUR 10,00 (plus VAT if applicable). This will allow you to download the plugin and any future updates, and ask for support should the need arise (however we hope you are considering this low costs and do not flood us with support requests).

You can use the downloaded software forever on as many websites as you like - no restriction there. But again, we expect you to honor our efforts by not freely distribute the plugin (an interested website owner should be able to spend the onetime subscription fee, don't you agree?)


Get the plugin now!


Statistics from the 'Have I been pwned?' website
pwned websites:
pwned accounts: